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I need to do something about my uncomfortable seat. I’ve looked at Mustang seats online and they seem nice but I’ve never sat on one. For $1100 it’s a big gamble.
I talked to Will at Cycleops and for $400 to $500 he will reshape and recover my existing seat. He said he’s done hundreds of Victory seats. I was on the phone with him for 30 minutes as he explained in great detail what he would do and the benefits of it all. The only downside I see is that he is several states away from me.
I also talked to Slim, of Slim's cycle seats. He didn’t seem near as interested in working on my seat but who knows maybe he didn’t like being bothered on a Saturday. Mid $300’s for the same job and he’s only 20 miles away from me.

Does anyone here have a seat redone by either of these guys?

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