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Seat Mods??

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I sadly admit I'm not a candidate for the Iron Butt but I could use a more comfortable seat. I know with the 4" of foam it is supposed to be very comfy but even with the sheepskin it still is somewhat lacking. Has anyone made any mods to their seat or exchanged it for a Russell, etc? I've got the heated seat which I would not want to lose as I'll need it in the next couple of months.
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Thanks for the link to buddy's thread on the Russell Day Long seat. I installed one on my FJR1300 and for that bike it was the greatest thing next to sliced bread!! The pics of the RDL on the Vision look pretty good as the lines are not too out of character. I may have to investigate in the off season as you have to ship the seat pan to RDL in order for them to do the custom job. All in all takes about 3-4 weeks, definitely too long in the riding season.
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