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Seat Mods??

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I sadly admit I'm not a candidate for the Iron Butt but I could use a more comfortable seat. I know with the 4" of foam it is supposed to be very comfy but even with the sheepskin it still is somewhat lacking. Has anyone made any mods to their seat or exchanged it for a Russell, etc? I've got the heated seat which I would not want to lose as I'll need it in the next couple of months.
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I find the stock seat is as good as anything I sit on, which includes car seats, lounge seats and anywhere else I sit. It is a lot to expect of my ageing body to sit still for extended periods so I get up and exercise to keep comfortable. On my previous bike I tried sheepskin covers, airhawk seat pad and bicycle riders underpants, all which were not as good as the stock vision seat. Good luck in your search for comfort. i will also be watching this thread to see how you get on.
One person suggested I sit on a pair of rolled up socks which also did not work.
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