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TL:DR -- Is there such a thing as being 'too far forward' on a bike?

Everything comes down to personal preference. I was just wondering what people think about rider position on nonstock seats.

I just installed the Corbin rider/passenger seat with backrest. I am in love with this seat. So comfortable and having a backrest is AMAZING! I did not realize how much I was pulling on the bars to keep myself on the bike at speeds over 40mph. The previous seat was a Drag Specials. Not only did my tailbone feel like it was being crushed, but I was also riding way back. I felt like I had forward controls and I was fully stretched to reach the bars.

The one drawback I have with the new seat is the amount of padding on the actual seat's back (not the backrest itself) pushes me WAY forward. Before, the middle of my thighs is where the tank would touch. Now my inner thighs are on the tank. I'm not uncomfortable and, in fact, I feel like I have more control of the bike.

From the pics below you can see how far forward I am on the seat. I think with time I will not notice how far forward I am and will feel comfortable. I've only ridden with this seat about 20 miles (two trips to and from work).

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas on rider seat position.

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I'm not uncomfortable and, in fact, I feel like I have more control of the bike.
In the motors course you're taught to sit forward near the tank as this does help control the bike, especially in the tight stuff. Even now if I'm going in on a tight maneuver I'll shift forward on my Vision.
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