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Scott Wine Interview on Bloomberg

Discussion in 'Victory General Discussion' started by alanATW, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Again, no mention of Vic and Indian only gets mentioned in so far as they will be selling them in India. Why, God only knows. And who is the asshat in the high chair making noises? The one interviewer had to tell him to shut up (grow up) so he could ask a question.

    The only thing I got out of the interview was how dangerous the general public feels our hobby is. I don't imagine that that kind of reputation bodes well for sales. And rather than talk about the great rider training program Polaris has (like Harley's) he states that motorcycles have ABS, because well, he doesn't offer a rider training program.

    I remember reading a long time ago that riders who went through a course that taught the fundamentals were statistically speaking, nearly infinitely less likely to end up crashing and burning.
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    That wasn't much of an interview, more like a panel jostling for position to take their best shot at scoring a sound bite with a one liner pot shot. Let's see, you're a host or panelists on a business network. You have 5 minutes to interview the CEO of a 5 billion dollar company with an excellent track record of growth. Do you ask questions about the future growth of his brands? The future growth (or lack of) in his marketplace? Do you ask him how economic conditions in Europe and Asia effect what a company like his does in America?

    Or, do you ask him why snowmobiles make noise, why Indians buy Honda Heros, and use up this opportunity to instead broadcast to your audience that you have two boys that you won't let near motorcycles?

    Memo to Mrs.Safetypants Mommy: My mother wouldn't let me near motorcycles either. As a teen I did way more stupid stuff on a motorcycle behind her back than I ever would have dreamed of had she let me take the course and get my licesne like I wanted. Now I have two motorcycles and a jet ski (pretty much a floating motorcycle) in my garage...
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