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Saddlebag Clear Scuff Pad Kit

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Just wondering if anyone else has installed the kit onto their CR or CC and if they had any luck installing it themselves on the saddlebags?
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There is a dealer at earlmich.com he sells it you can get a 15"Wx10yards for abour $60 or so last I checked that is plenty. Also agree with using spray bottle with soap (dawn unscented) if not go to local hardware store and look in the window area for a the tinting for windows and see if the have application spray a little bottle will do everything you want and more. Could even have a application party and get several bikes done at once.
Oh I know this because I do decals as a side hobby.
Roamer said:
i didn't buy the Vic kit but went to a 3M dealer and for $50 bucks bought enough 3M paint protection film to do the front of the bags, leading edge of the sidecovers, and the rear of the gas tank where my jacket rubs.

I followed the instructions in the video an it worked out well. I used a water spray bottle with a drop of dish soap in it. I no trouble getting all the air bubbles out. The nice thing with buying the sheet of film was I had enough to do all sorts of areas with plenty left over for practicing and mistakes.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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