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Saddlebag Clear Scuff Pad Kit

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Just wondering if anyone else has installed the kit onto their CR or CC and if they had any luck installing it themselves on the saddlebags?
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I put the side panel clear bras on, but have not had the courage to put them on the top of my bags. Getting the air bubbles out of theside panels was not fun. I was very disappointed in the kit from Victory overall. For $100 I expected covers for the side panels, front of saddle bags and saddle bag lids. All you get are 4 pieces, 2 side panels & 2saddle bag lids. thesaddle bag lidpieces only cover the front 1/2 of the of the lid. they end right at the lock push button. I may just put them on the front of the bags so my wifes boots don't bang up the front of the bags.
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