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Ozzman said:
I do like the look of the Victory bikes. I am long haul if at all possible type of rider. Around town does not do it for me. I am about riding, not being seen round the pubs and taverns. I really hate to stop for gas. I was interested in the handling characteristics of the Vision, steering, wind turbulence on the helmet, ride comfort over distance, and I am reading about any mechanical or quality control issues on the forum. The Rocket will stay in the "stable" because at my age, exhileration is a good thang and it provides all of the torque and speed I can handle but it is not necessarily a two up distance type bike. I prefer it solo but have a pillion to consider.
This Vision handles better then most bikes half its size, there is no buffeting issues due to the adjustable windshield, ride comfort is top notch for my height (5'9"). Take the trunk off and it feels just like a solo cruiser...
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