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RFID Keyless ignition Systems

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Has anyone switched to an RFID keyless ignition system on their bike. Just wondering if you like it, worth the money, ect. Something like this.
My feeling is that it would be better than fumbling for the key all the time.
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Do a search (Guard Dawg)

I haveguarddogon my 08 KP and love it, it is a lot better than fumbling for keys
Sutherland said:
I haveguarddogon my 08 KP and love it, it is a lot better than fumbling for keys
did you get the 175 or 375 one with security

Don't you still have to have a key to turn the ing. on & off? I can see it working on theHarley Touring models with the big tank mounted switch but not seeing the benefit on the Vics.
Insight please - RR

No you don't need your key, they supply a fob to operate ing. Just press fob button and push started button away you go.

This is the response I got from Guard Dawg when I asked about the RFID system and if it had alarm features.
The Keyless Ignition eliminates your ignition switch and makes it so you never have to use keys, Just walk up flip your Stop/Run switch, thumb the start button and go. When you're done riding you just walk away. It true that often the first appeal of the DGD-KIM is its convenience or the coolness factor of not having to use keys, but if the system were rated only for the level of security it provides it would still be one of the strongest on the market.

Alarms typically will have a "starter interrupt" which only kills (1) circuit on your bike, "The Starter" this leaves the bike vulnerable to simply beingjump started or simply hot wiring to the starter.
What makes the DGD-KIM such a powerful security device is the way it works with your bikes electrical system. In the case of the DGD-KIM it is hardwired right into the bike whole ignition system, so when it's armed no other circuit on the bike can even get power. None of the typical "jump from here to here" tricks will work. Your bike's simply dead weight. Regarding, Single, Dual or Triple Axis sensors; As cool as they all sound, simply because of the environment a motorcycle lives in, we have never seen one that doesn't have frequent false alarms form rain, wind or a truck driving by, this is why we don't try and detect bumps. Also due to the limits of space on most motorcycles, it's also extremely hard to mount a siren on a bike that can't be found and quitted in a matter of seconds.
Hope this helps
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Thanks for that info. Makes a lot more sense now!

These guys are great to deal with, some companys could take a lesson on customer service from them
Does it open the gas tank? Guess you still got to use the key for something....

Yep, and for the saddlebags too. But guess I'm getting old (actually I know it) and I've stopped, gotten off, started B/Sing and walked off and left the key in it. This would at least keep someone from taking the bike.

Yes you need a key to open gas cap and bags that lock, no were did it say it would operate either of these. It is fro starting bike and as Roadrocket stated you will not walk off and leave key in bike which most of us have do at one time or another
think of it as a new toy or like fishing with a bobber
You don't have to go all the way to the full keyless operation to add RFID security. They started out selling RFID based ignition cutoff systems before they ventured into the full keyless systems and for the money they are probably the best investment you could make.

With their standard system you could walk away and leave the key in the ignition and still come back to a secure bike. The RFID based relay blocks the ignition system so even if someone tried to start the bike with the key it's ain't going anywhere.

Just a thought for those who have the latest generation of Vic without any security built in.
I have the Dawg on my Vegas. It is great, I like the fact that I no longer have to carry my motorcycle key seperate from my house keys. I was always fumbling for which pocket my single bike key was in after I put my gloves on.
Thanks for the responses, Looks like I'll be picking up a new toy for my bike when it gets here
My friend has one installed and he loves it. Never seen hime use the key for starting the bikehe just walks up to the bike and flips the kill swiths and she starts right up
I thought long and hard about a Guard Dawg and still haven't decided. One of the biggest assets (and a large part of their marketing) is the keyless convenience of it. With a Vision, that is greatly diminished due to the fuel door and locking storage. Less so with the storage, but the gas cap is used pretty routinely, especially on trips. So, you still have to have (and fumble with) the key. I was actually more interested in the convenience than the theft protection, so I guess that's why I'm hesitant.

I have my keys on a zip tie attached to the fob that comes with this system, I put it in my jacket pocket, you can operate fob while it is in your pocket, you only have to take keys out when you need to gas up or get into storagecompartement
I tried this system and decided to go with the Scorpio 900i

It is wireless, has motion, bump, proximity sensors and will allow you walk away or approach your bike to operate. You still require a key to start the bike, open or lock gas door, open or lock glove box and most importantly, lock the steering head.

So, why not go keyless? Because, all the above applies to the keyless security systems as well, you still need your key.

You need a key to lock your steering head. If you don't lock it, you leave your bike much more suceptible to theft via lifting to a van, etc. So whenever it is parked you still require a key. The trick with the Scorpio is that it works without using any buttons, just being close to your bike disarms and being further away arms your bike. Why is that better? You still require a key, so why not install the only system that Victory dealers across the US agree to be the best, with fewer falses, few returns, and high quality.

Just a thought
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