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Repositioning Memphis slims on a steel frame(tutorial)

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Hey guys, I repositioned my windscreen on my highball today, and I figured I would share the process in case anyone else wants to do this.

So to start off, I can't stand how the speedometer makes my Memphis Slims windshield sit so far forward. So after looking at it , first thing you have to do is relocate the speedometer to the handlebars. All I did was order some clamps off Amazon for $12.


Now I had to trim the mount, just take out the screw in the back and everything comes apart super easy.

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Now drill two hole where you want the clamps to sit. I used 12mm bolts because it matched the whole in the clamps, make sure you use lock nuts, I used rubber washers between the clamps and speedo mount to dampen the vibrations.

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I just lined them up by sight and tightened them down, once it gets put onto the bars, it should tweak it flush. This is what it looks like on the bars. I really like how the bolts to tighten the clamps line up perfect for install.

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Now onto the windscreen, basically you just turn the mounts upside down and it moves the mounting tabs from in front of the fork tubes and puts them behind. The only real problem with doing this is the bolts to tighten the clamps get blocked by the plates the hold on the windscreen.

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The only real problem with doing this is the bolts get blocked by the plates the hold on the windscree. So what I did was tighten them enough to where they still able to move with a little force, mount up the windscreen to place them, then take it off and tight the bolts all the way.

It only moves it about 3 inched but it makes a world of difference. Here's what it looks like, once i recover from surgery and can ride again I'll get some better pics.

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Thanks for coming to my ted talk ;)
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