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In our ongoing coverage of the 2009 Victory Motorcycles, here's the scoop on the 2009 Cory Ness Signature Series Victory Vegas Jackpot.

This model is based on the Vegas Jackpot. I already have a video on TheVOG.net about the new Jackpot, so be sure to check that one out as it's a great way to compare these two Jackpot models. Mechanically, these bikes are basically the same. However cosmetically, Cory's bike is all Ness and features a distinctive, monochromatic treatment.

Now, let me state this right up front…While Victory places the Jackpot in the Vegas series, it's really in its own category. While it shares the Vegas' front end, handlebars, signature fuel tank with the raised spine, it features a different seat, side covers, engine, frame, rear fender, rear tire and wheel and its own line of accessories. The best way to describe this bike is that it's a Vegas upfront with the fat tire features that are similar to the Hammer in the rear. With that said and acknowledged, we decided to do the same as Victory and keep the Jackpot in the Vegas lineup here on TheVOG.

Each bike will incorporate a metal plate with the bike's number, the Cory Ness logo and a facsimile of Cory Ness's autograph. Cory's logo appears on the EFI cover on the right side of the engine.

The wheels are black Ness Landshark Billet wheels with machined highlights. The Chrome driven sprocket has the Landshark design that matches the wheels and the taillight. Needless to say, it's unique.

This bike features numerous Ness accessories such as knurled foot pegs and handgrips and Ness teardrop mirrors with a larger mirror area, engine covers, foot controls and hand levers. The bars are Ness Fly Bars.

The custom one piece stitched leather seat with contrasting stitching is designed to complement the bikes paint scheme.

Of course, this bike is powered by the new Freedom V-Twin 106cc, 1731 cubic inch engine with state two cams. This power plant has been tweaked to deliver 97 horsepower and 113 foot pounds of torque. It also incorporates Victory's new front end and headlight housing as well as braided steel cables and chrome foot controls.

The bike is colored Pearl White with a special monochromatic custom paint scheme designed by Cory Ness.

This bike is a limited edition and not every dealer will get one.

So, that's the basics on the 2009 Corey Ness Signature Series Jackpot.

So, what do you think? Feel free to post your comments in this forum.

The price for the Cory Ness Jackpot starts at $24,499.

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