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Over the past few months, we've seen early versions of this bike appear at various bike events and now it's official: The Arlen Ness Signature Victory Vision will soon be appearing at a Victory dealer near you!

Well, almost. This is a limited edition bike and while Victory states that not every dealer will get on and since we estimate there being approximately 360 dealers in the USA, we can only estimate that only 300 of these bikes will be manufactured.
This bike is based on the Vision Street Premium and incorporates all the standard features and lots of upgrades. While I'm to understand there will not be any performance upgrades on this version, there will be numerous cosmetic additions that will surely set this bike apart from other Vision models.
First and foremost is the color scheme. As you can see, the bike is colored Black with a special custom paint scheme designed by Arlen Ness. The custom paint includes the Arlen Ness logo above the taillight. The center console, dashboard and instrument cluster, front access panel, inner fairing panels, passenger handgrips, side covers, grille border, the belt guard, the tip over protectors and even the license plate frame are all colored black. The logo also appears on the EFI cover on the right side of the engine and even small details such as the Radio display reads Arlen Ness Signature Series.

The color scheme incorporates Arlen Ness graphics in numerous locations from stem to stern. It rides on Ness Hot Rod Billet Wheels and the engine plate is numbered and also incorporates a diamond cut engine, Ness engine covers, Ness Billet Grips and a Ness shift and brake peg.
Each bike has a metal plate with the bikes number, the Arlen Ness logo and a facsimile of Arlen Ness's autograph.
The leather seat is stitched and is rests one inch lower than the other Vision models. This seat is designed to use the individual driver and passenger backrests…although they are sold separately. The electric windscreen is low to match the bike's aggressive look.
While the GPS, Reverse Gear, XM Radio and other features are not included in the Ness Vision, they can be added as options.
So, what do you think? Feel free to post your comments in this forum.
The price for the Arlen Ness Vision starts at $24,999.
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