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I thought I would provide instructions for the Rear License Plate Bulb replacement because there is misinformation out there on this forum on the correct procedure.

I would not recommend simply getting a straight edge and force/pry the clear plastic lens covering the bulb out as a few have stated in this forum, because this likely will damage the channeled edge of the clear plastic lens that is designed to travel into a slot within the rear license plate bulb housing.

1). First remove the two 5/16" lock nuts located inside the rear fender, of the rear license
plate bulb housing.
2). Unplug the male/female electrical connector inside the rear fender located near the rear
license plate bulb housing.
3). On the inner rear fender there is a factory moulded plastic retainer clip with one end
partially open. You will need to slightly open the opened end of that clip and
carefully slide out the three separate covered wire feeds. It is the third covered wire
which supplies current to the rear license plate bulb.
4). Once the wire is free of the retaining clip, unplugged from the male/female electrical connector
and the two lock nuts have been removed, the rear license plate bulb housing simply
can then be removed from the license plate and bulb housing plastic mount.
5). Be careful when removing the rear license plate bulb housing because there are
two round metal grommets that fit within the predrilled holes of the plastic
license plate/bulb mount that by design doesn't allow the license plate bulb housing
to flop around and furthermore it provides a perfect and tight fit to the plastic mount.
(One of mine dropped out and travelled 15' and took me half an hour to locate it ha ha)
6). Once you have the rear license plate bulb housing removed you will notice that there
are two small Phillips screws holding the back plate to the main housing.
Remove the two small Phillips screws and the the back plate will separate from the
main housing. You will now have access to the bulb. To remove the bulb, simply
pull the bulb straight out. I would recommend checking the bulb socket/connection
and clean it with a contact cleaner to remove any corrosion.
7). The bulb recommended from Victory is a model 5W5, 12 volt, 5 watt bulb. Victory Canada
wants $18.00 for the bulb, but this same bulb can be purchased at
Canadian Tire or a Home Depot store for $4.00 a bulb.
8). Insert the new bulb and trial test by simply connecting the male/female plastic
connectors together inside the rear fender to confirm that the license plate bulb
now illuminates...............(turn the key on ha ha)
9). Now simply reverse the removal instructions and be sure to only snug the lock nuts
to the rear license plate bulb housing.
10). My bulb package had two bulbs so I have a back up.
11). There are alternative LED lights having the 5W5 model and as well they are
12 volt and 5 watt, however I wasn't sure if they would work with the current
electrical system or if it would need a modification being an LED bulb. As well
since one bulb was also $12.00 (Canadian), I chose to simply replace with the
OEM type bulb. LED would be the way to go if it will simply work, as LED
would not be susceptible to breakage due to vibration that a filament type
bulb would, plus it would likely last for the life of the bike.......ha ha.

Hope that helps.............Cobra


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