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Question about the Scout Bobber

Discussion in 'Indian Scout' started by Jbook815, May 29, 2019.

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    2016 Victory Vegas

    I hope you are right, judging from past issues sourcing extremely common accessories I am not holding my breath. I am not done with my Vegas but I am also not going to have it languish in a shop for 6 months while they try to find parts which are insanely difficult to obtain. Additionally, the only Vic mechanic is at the dealer I bought it from and I am pretty sure the repair rates for the amount of damage willl easily exceed the total threshold the insurance is willing to bear in cost before they write it off as a loss. When I say my bars are warped, I mean the assembly itself is bent. Aside from the bars bending a little on their own from the impact, the triple tree was damaged. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the damage may even exceed that because of how off the bars look. About 10 degrees bent left from the wheel's line of travel. If this was an ordinary tip over the damage wouldnt have been as bad...unfortunately my bike was on a slight incline and rolled backwards about 15 feet before violently slamming into the ground. Freak accident, hope I never have to see it happen again.
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    Parts lots of time are available but some crappy dealerships play games. I've heard of dealers waiting to build up a bigger order in hopes of saving on shipping costs. I've never had a problem at my local dealer.

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