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Power Commander 3 healthy choice for 07 Vic motors?

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I've got an 07 Vic Vegas with the 100freedom. Bought it used with stock everything EXCEPT exhausts 2-2 Santa Rosa Twins (swept). Basically straight pipes - optional baffle. Bike had a stage 1 flash. Bike ran very smooth. No vibrations in throttle etc. Like anyone else, I wanted more.

Over the winter, ive installed an SS intake and a power commander to "complete" the upgrade. So now my bike currently sits with a stage 1 flash, PCM3, SS Air intake, and Santa Rosa pipes. Placed the bike on a dyno and had it tuned by a well known tuner in Michigan, Alex at Lebarons power sport in Almont.

When I got the bike back from the dyno, the bike ran with lots of power. 97hp and 106ftlb torque. Very happy with the tune, however the two things I noticed besides the power gains were increased popping (due to the richer AF ratio, which is understandable) and a decent vibration in the throttle - which gets pretty violent in high Rs. I gave all of these "side effects" a pardon because of the increased power and just rode the bike.

Four or five months later, I feel like the bike is hesitating in lower Rs. I feel a sling shot effect once at higher Rs - Bike bogs down about in the mid Rs but cleans up when Higher Rs are reached. So I take it back to Alex. Again, great guy. They throw it on the dyno. He tells me that the MAP on the PCM 3 had in fact NEVER CHANGED from when he tuned it before, and yet my bike was "way out of tune". He re tuned my bike for free, but I have a feeling that this is MY problem and not his. I feel like the bikes ECU is making its own adjustments in fuel/air, while the PCM3 continues to make the adjustments that it was programmed to make, thus making for a bad Air/fuel on higher humidity days, elevations, etc.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with their power commander 3 and Vic? Any feedback/thoughts would be great. Thanks all
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If I remember right you have to go back to the stock flash not the stage 1 when you add a tuner to the older bikes. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me will chime in.
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10 year old bike with a rubber intake. The throttle body adaptor is probably dry rotted.

There are also 2 rubber cap-off on the side of the throttle body. Replace those.

Think about the fuel lines... oh hell, all rubber parts are suspect now.

If there are no vacuum leaks... you can tune out the popping, it's not from it being richer.
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Thanks guys for the info. I'll dig deeper now that I have a place to start.Half_Crazy, does the 07 Vic's ECU make its own adjustments to air fuel mix on the fly? From my understanding, the Power commander adds or subtracts fuel AFTER the ECU. The map that the power commander has loaded is set it stone, so it will never mesh right if the ECU is constantly changing the air fuel ratio based on what IT thinks it needs at a given time. I hope I'm making sense. Or then again, maybe I was misinformed on the order these electronics do their work. Appreciate your feedback
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