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Post Pictures Of Your Kingpin HERE

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Let see some of your favorite pictures of your Kingpin, Stock if you have them and then with your modifications. Are there any look alikes or more than one done up the same out there? New Ride on The Lift, My Steed without a Saddle.
Preparing to install Mustang Seat to New 09 Kingpin
With Solo Mustang Seat
Victory Pin
2012 Update
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blackedout said:
Hi all
I just traded my m109r for 09 kingpin 8ball and wanted to share pic and introduce myself. Hope to use and share info with everyone on this forum.
Congratulations and welcome!
I like the looks of the 109, but I find that like Harleys, Suzukis don't have the legroom I feel comfortable in. I'd (and I'm sure a lot of us in the group) would be curious to hear your comparison opinion of the two bikes.
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