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Glad I'm back on a VIC.

Sold my Vision a year ago, missed it ever since. Traded my low mileage 2007 fatboy and $3k for a 2016 XC 21k miles and loads of upgrades, couldnt be happier. What do you guys think on the deal?
It's Got apes, LED headlight, Trusk exhaust, stretched rear, custom red matte paint, upgraded audio with lid speakers and amp...Love it!

Few questions for you guys:
1. Any suggestions on running lights. I have round crash bars and would like to put something either on them or if there is something nice that can fit below the fairing.
2. Got Trask hot rod exhaust. Sounds mean! Is there any sort of baffle that can be added as I'd like to quiet it for long touring rides? Does anyone know?
3. Have Dobeck performance AFR+ Auto-Tune System - GEN controller. Any tips on this? I have the gauge for on the fly adjustments on the speaker grill. No idea what I should look for, or if it's any good.

Don't think it has a timing wheel, and def no throttle ring. Will be doing both as soon as I have spare cash.

Nasty out so can't take a nice pic but here it is from the garage.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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