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Our Big Trip West Next Year

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My wife has never been " Out West ". So next year ( End of June 2023 ) We will be going from Northern Lower Michigan through the lower U.P. to Menominee MI. Then to the Menominee Indian Reservation for a brief stop as we continue west to Mount Rushmore. Next will be Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak, back up to Deadwood and then return home. We are looking at 5,000 miles on the XCT. This will be a long and expensive trip but you only live once and we are not getting any younger. Estimating being gone 3 weeks or more. Has anyone done this or have suggestions? My 2013 XCT has less than 11,000 miles with new tires, brakes etc. Should be no worries for my Victory.
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My wife and I rode from NY STATE to Utah and back this year. We covered 6,320 miles total. She has a 2013 Boardwalk and I have a 2011 Kingpin. I am 77 years old, if we can make a trip like that you can too. Just have fun.
@topcat ,you sir, and your wife, are my heroes and have all my respect. That is awesome. May I be as fortunate...

Ride safe,
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