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I like the design a lot (like a rounded cobble, looks superb, I just want to hold it :) )), along with the part of the screen that looks like it is part of the cover.
The software also looks brilliant. Web based, and Sinergy looks promising (gathering contact information through different sources in one environment. Facebook, live, google chat, ... No matter where your contact is online, you'll be able to reach him)
Why 'no' then?
-USA only (for how long??)
-CDMA only (come on, the whole world uses GSM)
-Price without data plan? I never buy phones in a subsidised dataplan (like "199" for an iPhone, right...) It's even not allowed here. The true price of an iPhone is 525 euros (8 GB) + monthly data plan.
If the pre is more expensive than an iPhone, it's not gonna happen for me. Especially since it will lack a software suite with the capabilities that iTunes has. Not everyone will agree, but a mobile device for me needs a strong software suit on the desktop side for easy management.
Also: the iPhone has millions of easy to pay for apps at the click of a finger.
For me it's the only capable competitor to iPhone (google phones still need a lot of work and good hardware) but price, availability and software will make or break the device. So let's wait and see
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