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One of a kind!

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Took my VV on its first trip (my first long trip and first on a tourer) this weekend.

Was the only Vision at Deals Gap and on the Dragon(while we were there at least)!

This bike does get alot of attention! And it performs!

We hit 129 in the rain - I was very apprehensive: tight curves, big bike, wet road.

Not a problem!! After a few turns I was comfortable and the guys behind me in our group were just that - behind me! Now I wasnt setting any records, but when we were done the others were amazed that I "left them"!

I did not see another Vision all weekend for the whole trip from AL to NC.

I was proud to show her off and answer all of the questions from bikers and non-bikers alike. Had a few curious cagers as well, pacing and gawking on the interstate.

One funny thing - as we were leaving the motel, one of the onlookers pointed and yelled "Your kickstand!" I waved and leaned a little left and up it went! Wish I could have seen their faces!

It rained almost the whole way home but I was happy as a clam on the VV!

I love this bike!!!

Hopefully will have some pics when the other riders backrest gets her pics downloaded!
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It was a blast! Can't wait to go again!!

We stayed in Maggie Valley - so many cool rides every direction!

Look forward to meeting some of you VOGsters soon!

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gammaqueen said:
Next time you are in the area let me know. I only live a couple hours from Maggie Valley. I took my Vision to the dragon a few weeks ago and it was just like you said. No other Vision in sight. LOVED IT!!!
that's the nice thing about the Vision you know for certain when one is coming towards you, no way in heck to miss that bike.
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