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OK, hear come the same old Mod questions (LLoydz timing wheel) (Fuel tuner)

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Some of you guys have had years to figure all these mods out and I am grateful to you. I have been reading many of the threads here and am considering a few myself. First, let me say that I am not unhappy with my bike or the power or the comfort and in fact I am pretty darned impressed. But if I can make it a little better for not a lot of coin then let the modds begin.

1. Don't want to change my muffler. (Stock) I am happy at my current db level

2. Will consider Timing wheel--- For a 1-4 % gain in power is it worth it?

3. Will consider Fuel tuner if needed. Bike runs fine without it I think. Engine does get a little buzzy above 3k rpm
My V-rod ran so lean the engine stalled at 3k rpm, Fuel tuner fixed that.

4. Should I disconnect my O2 sensors?

5. Does the muffler matter with these mods and will I need higher octane and I know I will loose mileage with the tuner but what about the timing wheel?

6. Is there any reason not to do the quarter turn throttle ring?

I have a 2011 Vision, I think the 2011 is the same as the 2012. Not sure now because the service manual is for 2012 and up????

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I have a slightly different opinion than everyone else. Personally, I would say just keep it stock with what it seems you are wanting. Once you start down the performance upgrade path, you are going to want the next item on the list. If you are going to do the upgrades, do them all at once and save some money. There is a very good recipe for Vision performance posted in several locations on this site. Just follow that recipe and you will be extremely happy. It will require a change of exhaust, but something like the wrapped D&D's or the Tri-ovals are not that loud. There may be some others that get recommended by other members as well.

Just to run down your list...
Intake - no point if you are not changing exhaust tuning and / or cams.
Tuning - no point if you are not doing the above and don't have an issue with the heat from the motor.
Timing wheel - No point if you go with the Maximus tuner
O2 sensors - again, if heat is not an issue and you are not doing anything else, why bother.
1/4 turn throttle - If you currently feel like a kid on a 1980's motocross bike at the starting line with your right elbow pointed to the sky so you can then point it to the ground for a full throttle launch, get the ring!!! if that doesn't describe you and you are more interested in fine throttle control at slow parking lot speeds, don't get it. You won't like it! :fie:

If you do want more power, get the Lloydz cams, Lloydz intake, Maximus tuner, or PCV with timing wheel, 804 Motorsports K&N front filter, One of the slip on pipes I mentioned above, or another pipe that will flow the exhaust enough to keep up with the intake and cams, Have it Dyno tuned, and be completely amazed at the transformation your bike has made!!! Oh, and if you do all that, get the 1/4 turn throttle ring so you can enjoy all that power with a shorter twist of the throttle! :hihi:

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Ok fellow Visionaries, After a few Jack and Cokes and a few fuzzy thoughts, I have decided to go with the Maximus tuner and the LLoydz upper air. I will also order and try out the 1/4 turn throttle ring and if I don't like it then take it off. The product is on order and should be here next week. I plan on doing a few test with my stock bike and then with the new parts. (RPM vs Speed) I will post the results. Sorry, Don't plan on going somewhere to get a Dyno test. If it adds more torque at the lower end then it should add more speed at the lower end if I understand and am thinking correctly. The only real variables should be wind, temperature, fuel and my unsteady hand. I will try to be as fair and consistent as I can.

Pros: should add 10+ HP, more lower end torque, cooler engine, same mileage maybe better (don't know about that) taking some fuel from the top end maybe, less shifting in mountains if it adds more torque at lower end

Cons: more noise from new air filter, might have to buy higher octane gas

Feel free to agree or disagree, add or subtract

((Once again thanks to all you guys that have old post on here and have replied to my post with your suggestions.))

These forums are a wealth of knowledge and sometimes deep BS, but at the same time add a lot of fun to our avocation. (Did you have to look that word up LOL)
I think you may have had one too many Jack and cokes. :angel4: Only thing that will change the speed to RPM's is gear ratio. You are going to see the exact same speed at a given rpm regardless what you do to the motor. With the mods you plan to do, it will just make it pull a little harder / get to that speed and rpm a little faster. If you want to change the gear ratio, look at the Conquest customs under drive pulley.
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