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OK, hear come the same old Mod questions (LLoydz timing wheel) (Fuel tuner)

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Some of you guys have had years to figure all these mods out and I am grateful to you. I have been reading many of the threads here and am considering a few myself. First, let me say that I am not unhappy with my bike or the power or the comfort and in fact I am pretty darned impressed. But if I can make it a little better for not a lot of coin then let the modds begin.

1. Don't want to change my muffler. (Stock) I am happy at my current db level

2. Will consider Timing wheel--- For a 1-4 % gain in power is it worth it?

3. Will consider Fuel tuner if needed. Bike runs fine without it I think. Engine does get a little buzzy above 3k rpm
My V-rod ran so lean the engine stalled at 3k rpm, Fuel tuner fixed that.

4. Should I disconnect my O2 sensors?

5. Does the muffler matter with these mods and will I need higher octane and I know I will loose mileage with the tuner but what about the timing wheel?

6. Is there any reason not to do the quarter turn throttle ring?

I have a 2011 Vision, I think the 2011 is the same as the 2012. Not sure now because the service manual is for 2012 and up????

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