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Oil choices vs. 20W-40 Spectro Golden (feel free to chime in Slick)

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Heading on trip this Spring (with 2 HD Glides and my XCT) from Norfolk Va. to Seattle Wa.; will change oil (even though will only have 1000 miles since last change) before leaving. Plan to change oil in Wa. State before beginning return loop; what oil should I use if I cannot find Spectro Golden (always used since Slicks advice).
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So, they say no question is a stupid question. This one might cross the bar.

Been following this thread (and the other 9k oil threads). I've been using 100% T6 since I don't know how long, and changing both the oil and filter every 2500 miles, but looking to go with the T4 / T6 mix next oil change.

Here we go with my question ... do you really have to premix it or just let the engine do the work? :unsure:
When you say you have been using T6 for you don’t know how long, I am assuming maybe 20,000+ miles or more? If so… I would keep using it just the way it is. You apparently do not parade the bike, be on your clutch, and I am assuming you pay attention to your clutch adjustment and cable lubrication regarding the barrel ends. If so, and why not continue with what is working for you?
Probably closer to 60K+ on T6. Not an aggressive rider unless I need to get out of the way or pass quickly. Replaced the clutch cable last year. I check the adjustments with each oil change. That said, at the end of last year I noticed the clutch sticking a bit coming out of 1st ('04 Pin). It's not every time but somewhat random. Got around 85k miles on the Pin. I'm hoping I don't have other issues but from what I've been reading it sounds like the mix helps a bit. If not true, yeah I'll stick with what I've been using as you suggest.
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Since you are starting to experience a slight clutch issue, you may want to try a 50-50 mix and then 2500 miles go more like 75% T4 and 25% T6. If the 50-50 mix seems to do the trick then stick with that ever cents, I have been getting an earful from my favorite motorcycle mechanics especially the Victory guys telling me to use whatever oil you want as long as it is semi synthetic jaso ma rated and you shouldn’t have a problem. At 2500 mile oil change intervals like you. That is exactly what I’m doing.
Thanks Slick!
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