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After short rides and the bike is warmed up idle will dive from 950ish to 800/750 and stall. It doesn't jump forward it just boggs out and dies. For example pulling up to a stop sign in traffic, clutch in shifted down to first as slowing down to proceed forward the bike stalls. Once I have made it home and put it neutral to open the garage the bike sputters and boggs out with a low idle. The first closest dealership had no idea. The second said to flash the iac (which I have) and if that doesn't work then the iac/iav may need to be replaced. I thought this had worked but then I had one stall that may or may not have been rider error I really, really don't believe it was myself if it was then I would have had to dump the clutch which did not occur. With that aside I went to start it up today and the battery was dead. It's a 2016 with 72miles on it. I jumped the battery and the bike started, took cables off, let it idle, it began to bog down I rev'd it up a bit, it died with a failure to start. The battery is good with no dead cells I had it checked and it is now charging. Could the iac Bull**** be draining the battery or am I missing something. Any ideas or help appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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