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New vision - trying to figure out what the LAST owner did.

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Okay this is probably a tough one.

The shop I got the bike from has NO CLUE what the owner did. I've asked if they'll reach out to him and pray they will talk.

<- Here's the video from the dealer on my bike. They list it as"open exhaust", and the baffles are gone. I dunno if he did a Witchdoctors swap or what.

I want to fix a couple issues. The first is it's LOUD.. I want to get that to a quieter level. I don't have pops on decel unless the RPM is too low and then I get one big pop that's it.
Second, it 'chugs' at low speed. The smoothness for low speed maneuvers is not there, it always on the verge of a stall it feels like.
When driving, 25/35/45 it doesn't seem to have a happy RPM range at all. It's not really 'smooth' until I hit 4th gear and 50mph and then bammo smooooooth as butter. Exhaust quiets down a lot everything.

Anyone have any tips/tricks for figuring out what's been done? My buddy has a CC and he's got cams/power commander/exhaust done, his pops on decel like a typical baffle removal would do, different than mine. But that low speed chug is very similar to mine.

And if you ARE the owner and happen to see this. Duuuude help me out!! lol
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Welcome and congratulations. Once you get it sorted out and used to this vs. the Magna's you'll be very happy with it.
If your rev limiter is somewhere around 5600, then you are likely stock. With cams and proper tune You will be at 6200 at least. And, as stated above, it will pull all the way up. Very nice, these engines when they are allowed to breathe. Not exactly Magna Hp/weight, but still, very nice with great torque.
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Where's your red line? Not a guarantee of cams but a pretty good indicator. Especially if it is above 6200 and pulls all the way up. A good first and second gear pull will tell you.
On my CCT with the cams and maximus, filter and exhaust all working in harmony, I can lift the front wheel shifting into second from first. It's not much, but it does leave the ground. But first pulls very hard. Haven't timed it, but zero to 80 happens damn fast and only very shortly into third. That's with me shifting right around 6200 rpm. Noe says I'm good to 6300, but I want to shift before hitting the limiter. I don't do this often. What I enjoy about the bike is the pull from almost anywhere in the band and the passing ability with only slight roll on at freeway speeds. That, and the fact that it runs butter smooth between 3 and 4 K and remains relatively cool.

I could be off the mark, but your first gear experience sounds like your exhaust (or maybe the tune) is costing you torque over HP. Might be too open.
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You've got another 4-5 hundred rpm waiting on you there. Not that you'd use it that often, but when you did.......Yeah!
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