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Okay this is probably a tough one.

The shop I got the bike from has NO CLUE what the owner did. I've asked if they'll reach out to him and pray they will talk.

<- Here's the video from the dealer on my bike. They list it as"open exhaust", and the baffles are gone. I dunno if he did a Witchdoctors swap or what.

I want to fix a couple issues. The first is it's LOUD.. I want to get that to a quieter level. I don't have pops on decel unless the RPM is too low and then I get one big pop that's it.
Second, it 'chugs' at low speed. The smoothness for low speed maneuvers is not there, it always on the verge of a stall it feels like.
When driving, 25/35/45 it doesn't seem to have a happy RPM range at all. It's not really 'smooth' until I hit 4th gear and 50mph and then bammo smooooooth as butter. Exhaust quiets down a lot everything.

Anyone have any tips/tricks for figuring out what's been done? My buddy has a CC and he's got cams/power commander/exhaust done, his pops on decel like a typical baffle removal would do, different than mine. But that low speed chug is very similar to mine.

And if you ARE the owner and happen to see this. Duuuude help me out!! lol

I sent you a private message.
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