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New vision - trying to figure out what the LAST owner did.

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Okay this is probably a tough one.

The shop I got the bike from has NO CLUE what the owner did. I've asked if they'll reach out to him and pray they will talk.

<- Here's the video from the dealer on my bike. They list it as"open exhaust", and the baffles are gone. I dunno if he did a Witchdoctors swap or what.

I want to fix a couple issues. The first is it's LOUD.. I want to get that to a quieter level. I don't have pops on decel unless the RPM is too low and then I get one big pop that's it.
Second, it 'chugs' at low speed. The smoothness for low speed maneuvers is not there, it always on the verge of a stall it feels like.
When driving, 25/35/45 it doesn't seem to have a happy RPM range at all. It's not really 'smooth' until I hit 4th gear and 50mph and then bammo smooooooth as butter. Exhaust quiets down a lot everything.

Anyone have any tips/tricks for figuring out what's been done? My buddy has a CC and he's got cams/power commander/exhaust done, his pops on decel like a typical baffle removal would do, different than mine. But that low speed chug is very similar to mine.

And if you ARE the owner and happen to see this. Duuuude help me out!! lol
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Welcome to the vog and the new to you Vision.

a couple of things to check/be aware of.

exhaust. Yes, could be just a recore from WD or Miller or Ness Big Honkers. If you want them quieter, your best bet is to have them reworked by Ragin Cajun. On here as @crosscountryla He has reworked more mufflers than anyone and has more happy customers than you can shake a stick at.

is there a power commander on the bike? Usually under the panel right in front of the seat or the side panel under the right side of the seat.

Vics do NOT like low rpm. Keep RPMs at 2500+ (yes, even at slow speeds as much as possible) to avoid the “chug”. you are likely lugging the motor.

if elevation or weather has changed, you can do the IAC and TPS reset procedures just to make sure. Do a search on here for how to do them.
I read that about the RPMs on the forum, something I'll keep a closer eye on. My previous bikes have been Magnas, and the vision's RPM literally tops off a few thousand RPM before they even redline heh. Thanks for the IAC/TPS info! I haven't come across that in my searches yet!!!! It went from NC mountains to TN Lowlands.
Thanks huge MD2420, first thing I did after your post was look for that reset. Made a very noticeable difference! Did another good ride and kept the bike at a higher RPM. It seemed a bit happier there.

Also finally got to checking the rear suspension... yeah... 0 psi.. figured it was 'low' but dayum not zero. Soo THAT also helped :)
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Welcome and congratulations. Once you get it sorted out and used to this vs. the Magna's you'll be very happy with it.
Oh I already am very happy with it. hilariously every magna I owned I had to go through the same process :) Bit easier, older bike easier to break down for me heh. Someone ALWAYS did something foolish to the exhaust causing popping/backfires/perfomance issues just for audio.

With the vision, a lot more cool and or scary things the previous guy could have done.

Already made a order for a utopia backrest. I may have to get a color mismatched trunk from the look of it... But meh. can't have everything.
If your rev limiter is somewhere around 5600, then you are likely stock. With cams and proper tune You will be at 6200 at least. And, as stated above, it will pull all the way up. Very nice, these engines when they are allowed to breathe. Not exactly Magna Hp/weight, but still, very nice with great torque.
Well considering I hit damn near 150mph on the way home by accident today.... mmmm yeah... reeeeeaaaaallly wondering what work was done.
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Thanks to a lot of helpful replies and messages from folks!!!

crosscountryla was able to identify the pipes I've got on right now as the Arlen Ness Big Honkers and is able to help me out with reworking them to something closer to my goals, big kudos/thanks there!

Gonna start stripping the seat off to look for anything hidden underneath and the air filter as well. I THINK I spotted a plug earlier that seemed odd to be 'sitting there' just behind the engine i'll post up tomorrow and hopefully someone can identify what it is.
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Well finally got some time and warm weather to poke around the bike.. first panel i pop off.. power commander V. Just nestled there perfectly staring at me. I do have two questions. Took the air filter off to check it. Shop said they put a new one in, but when I look at this thing.. it doesn't look like the standard polaris part. It's the correct pair number.. The outer 'case' looks factory but the filter material is this bluish/black almost like a high end you must oil/wash style.. could be totally wrong.. couldn't find a picture online that matches this. Also a picture of the one plug behind the engine that's just sitting there.. if anyone knows either of these I'd love to know!!

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Certainly sounds plausible. It’s in the right area for it. @BrotherWind any chance you can look at yours and confirm that plug is for the reverse?
Thanks for the help! I figured it was one of those "extra" plugs you mentioned but figured better safe than sorry seeing all the modifications this thing has :)

Next nice day I'll have to take more apart to check lol!

Still kinda shocked a bit at all the mods on this thing! It only had 7k miles and I got it for under 10k. Besides the minor paint blemishes this things NICE!
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Where's your red line? Not a guarantee of cams but a pretty good indicator. Especially if it is above 6200 and pulls all the way up. A good first and second gear pull will tell you.
So my first gear is super slow. No get up and pull nothing, but when I hit second HOLY effing hell does it pull. Like shocked the hell out of me pull and I'm used to a 0-60 in 4ish seconds.
2nd, 3rd, 4th all pull hard. I am dead serious when I said I accidentally got up near that 150 mark. I was totally not expecting it. I haven't yet tried to bury the tach. I very much try to avoid that til I know a bike well enough to risk it.

My previous bikes didn't redline until 10k and buried at 12k. This thing is literally half that. so I have tried to keep it under 5k. But every inch of that 1-5k hauls ass in every gear except first. I actually find it kinda odd how underpowered first is, but honestly i'm getting used to it and it helps with the slow speed maneuvering.

Edit: I THINK i needed to be going 70ish for 6th to feel 'right' btw. Couldn't maintain it long on the stretch I had so I need more testing
Try to see if it continues to pull through 5k up to 6k. If so, you have cams.

I agree with MagVic…the Ness are probably costing you some low end torque. There is a natural dip in low end on these a bit anyway.

completely on the mark with “70” and not shifting into 6th until on or after that mph. That’s right in line with the rest of us.

have you heard back yet from the seller and whether the original owner is willing to chat with you?

Dealer is providing me his contact information, said they'd include it in the title paperwork they mail back. So just waiting on that then I can reach out and cross my fingers. Winter weather is fighting it's way in here so nice times to ride are dwindling heh..
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So got some new tips from crosscountryla, bout all i can do for the arlen ness big honkers slip ons to tone em down a bit. They help a lil bit. The neighbors aren't as pissed when I take off now and I can actually hear my radio hahaha.

Also got my backrest from utopia and OMG is this thing comfyyyy. ooo so much more relaxing. Haven't gotten a response on flywheel/cams yet, and I don't feel like taking stuff apart and replacing gaskets quite yet just to CHECK..

Next items are going to be adjusting the shifter/brake peddle. They feel a tad loose and need to adjust for my ride length, finding a vision trunk, and keeping my eye out for some stock mufflers to put back on some day.
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Would 08s work? I know there was a slight change in the early models for some things, like trunk and gears etc...
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