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New Indian Chief.....My Two Cents

Discussion in 'Indian Motorcycle General Discussion' started by rlknight, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Apr 4, 2014
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    2012 X-Country and an 05 Vegas 8 Ball
    38 years old, 5-10, nine years of riding experience, currently own a Victory 8 ball, and a Honda Valkyrie.

    The Indian Chief is my favorite all time motorcycle, and I am excited that Polaris is now making them. Polaris hits home runs with their Victory motorcycles. I highly anticipated test riding an Indian Chieftain in Daytona last month.

    Pros: All models of the Chief looked awesome. .......The bike handled very well.........the bike was comfortable.......Polaris did a good job of advertising the Indian around bike week events. The 6 speed was nice.

    Cons: I was disappointed with the engine performance and the sound. The representative said the the demo motorcycle had Stage 1 pipes. I do not like loud rides but my 2005 8ball with a Stage 1 setup has a much better sound. I am not a speed demon but the Indian did not have the getty-up and go that I expected from an engine that size. IMO, the Indian Chief is a special bike. The performance wasn't bad, but it was nothing special to match.

    A few years ago I test rode Victory bikes in Daytona and walked away with the "Wow Factor," and a smile. The Indian simply needs better engine "Umph"and a sound that let's the rider know they are on that special bike.

    And finally, is a new motorcycle really worth spending +$20,000?
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    Dec 20, 2010
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    Well as the man says, "That's why they make chocolate and vanilla". Is a new bike really worth 20K? Bet your ass they are. Harley, Victory, BMW...they sell 20K dollar bikes every day. I guess people want them. As far as myself, and several acquaintances of multiple brands are concerned, the 2014 Indian Chiefs are they only factory motorcycles to nail a sound better than Harley does, For me the look and the sound of the Polaris Indian is just beautiful. But I do agree on performance. The low end torque feels nice but I want real muscle car type power out of a big cube cruiser. My old 442 wouldn't just snap your head back on take off, it would take off and keep going anywhere, anyplace, any rpm. 110 ft-lbs at 2500 rpm's is nice, now keep it up to 5 or 6k rpm's and we're talking. Because of that, at least for now, I'm keeping my Vic(s). I don't think Polaris will be disappointed.
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    Jul 18, 2012
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    I agree on most of what you point out. Remember that "Stage 1" in the past was a lot more intense than allowed by law today. My '09 Jackpot drowns out my '13 High Ball. Both have Stage 1's at purchase. My Chief Vintage has their version of Stage 1 in the form of slip on mufflers and fish tails. The butt check of the power curve of my Vic motors compared to the Indian tells me the Vic has a sharper curve, snappier response if you will. The Indian is a long, smooth curve but it's also a much heavier bike. The Vic's also have the S&S intakes on them. If I actually "hopped bars" the High Ball is the way to go; fun, sporty, all around great short range bike. The Chief has presence and great looks with more than enough power for two up. I traded a '12 Cross Roads LE for the Chief,it had the stage 1 intake but RPW exhaust as the Vic exhaust was way too mellow. It was a bit faster than theChief is, again butt dyno only. I have zero regrets though. Speed isn't really the issue for me, at least not the primary issue.

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