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New bike sneeking around

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My wife has her new Vegas in the perl white and its sharp.
The problem is its sounds like A marshmellow! She is dangerous sneeking about nobody can hear her and the white color is not the one that stands out and say look at me!
I want to put just a couple 1/4 inch holes in the back plates of the pipes hopefully this will at least help me hear her coming up behind me .
Will this make it nessisary to remap or does it change the warranty or will it make it run like ****.HELP please
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Does your wife want it loud or you? Did you ask her? The loud sound will be behind the bike. When a bike is coming at you how much of any color do you see? You will see the headlight long before you see the color or hear the pipes.
Sure open pipes are loud enough for others to hear but that's not what you are going after.
Since all you are after is a "little" more sound just buy her Stage 1.
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