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so i bought the kit as well as the 99 led stingerz for my 08 vision. i got the stingerz in no problem but i am having issues installing the kuryakyn. i looked at the link with pictures but the person who put it up said he was only connecting it to affect the trunk. i also read the kuryakyn instructions which are very simple but i need to know which color wires do which function. Here is what i need to know:

wiring for:

left turn power
right turn power
taillight "run" power
taillight "brake" power

also, the controller has two adapter plugs in it, which one do i attach the load equalizer to(or dont i use it)

also anything else you can offer is apprciated.

I am going to post this on another site as well, just in case of different users.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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