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MyTripLogs is going away

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Just went to MyTripLogs.com to make a new map after my epic summer journey and saw that they are going to take it down. Not sure if any of you have data on there you want to save, but thought it was worth mentioning.
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No SC DE AK and HI??? I thought you rode? Looks like you got a garage queen if you ask me.....
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I blame a couple southerners for missing SC. Went to GA/TN instead. Delaware... well, who wants to go there?
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I Delaware... well, who wants to go there?
If nothing else it was the first state.
And it'll be last on my list if I have any say in the matter. I'll ride all of Hawaii and Europe before attempting to get into DE and that's really the reason I skipped it, not because of what it is, but where it is.
Well SC doesn't even border TN so I blame GA lol
@CPT PYRO wasn't going to name names but since you volunteered...
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