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Motorcycle Alarm Systems

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Hello and greetings from a new member. Recently I attended one of the main motorcycle shows here in the UK and man, was I taken by the Victory bikes on show, particularly the Hammer S in blue with Shelby Cobra stripes. Awesome! I've already signed up for the UK dealerships open days next Spring so I can get to try out both the Hammer S and Vegas Jackpot. Anyway, my question is this. I was toying around with getting a Harley and I know their alarm system is a simple plug-in unit. Anyone have problems installing some kind of security system to their bike? Being in London, and having had two Harleys and a big Kawasaki stolen in the past, security sorta comes top of my list
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I have just purchased a Scorpi SRi900 with disable relay and bike specific harness. I will be installing on a Vic Vision Premium '08. I will update you on how that goes.
I also have an XX14 Disc lock alarm and I use the orange cord to the handlebars to remind me when it is on. Even so if I move the bike while it is armed it will let me know.
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