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Motorcycle Alarm Systems

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Hello and greetings from a new member. Recently I attended one of the main motorcycle shows here in the UK and man, was I taken by the Victory bikes on show, particularly the Hammer S in blue with Shelby Cobra stripes. Awesome! I've already signed up for the UK dealerships open days next Spring so I can get to try out both the Hammer S and Vegas Jackpot. Anyway, my question is this. I was toying around with getting a Harley and I know their alarm system is a simple plug-in unit. Anyone have problems installing some kind of security system to their bike? Being in London, and having had two Harleys and a big Kawasaki stolen in the past, security sorta comes top of my list
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To go along with this post.
I'd like to ask what are the best options for security systems on a bike. Heres what I have learned (tell me if I am wrong).
1) Brake disc locks -- An example is RoadLok.
My concerns: I have read that you use these type of security systems and then forget they are on the brake, and the bike will be ruined. Causing damage to the rotors or something of that nature. How much do these cost?
2)Thief identity systems -- LoJack
My Concern: Cost and effectiveness. I have read that these systems often cost big money up to $1500...that seems like a lot of money for bike security system. Two, I have read LoJack might not work in ALL areas of the country -- heck here in Fort wayne, IN there isn't even a dealer near 50 miles. So why would I buy product that doesn't even have dealership in my city to set this up?
These are just a few questions I have. If anyone has any extra information I would be more interested in hearing.
Such info like: How was set up for these security systems?
Cost of the system?
Would you purchase again?
Do they work?
Thanks for any input
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