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More BS from Polaris

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How stupid!
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Brown Insect Arthropod Font Pollinator

This was the dealer letter that got posted on the Indian forum. Mentions a coinciding sale going on that “offensive“ merchandise is included in.
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Seems an odd thing when they keep the black and white logo. Googling it there are plenty of small businesses still making the multicolor logo until Polaris stops them.
That monotone logo is still on the letterhead from corporate even. Only thought I had was it’s a skin color thing on the multicolor headdress.
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No that demographic would determine that the word "Victory" is too aggressive and as such needs to be neutered to the brand name, Entitled. With models like Save Spacer and Transer available with all tires to be white with black sidewalls. In addition, the color red will dropped for purple... No strike that as that may upset the birds as Barney the Dinosaur would object, then there is that colored feather thing that caused this in the first place.

The Irony is that the Minority they are playing to is not even Native Americans, they are Woke Karens...
I would bet the people who are upset aren’t the people that would buy a motorcycle or Polaris product anyways.

If in fact there are people who really are upset that is, meaning it’s just Polaris trying to get out in front of being “cancelled “
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That memo reads like it’s only relaying to dealer personnel how to deal with the merchandise mark down for the sale. Just the one sentence mentions the bigger picture, as if it’s old news already to them. I’m sure other memos were sent before this one but they didn’t get leaked.
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