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MOAB!!! Anybody done some wheelin there?

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The wife and I are looking for something to do this coming year and have been talking about a Jeep trip. My first thought was Moab and having never been I have started doing my homework.

I am undecided which Jeep we would take. The Wrangler would obviously need to be trailered, mostly because I don't want to break something and be stuck. So option one is take my truck and pull the Wrangler up there and hit the trails. One concern I have with the Wrangler is I still have problems with my legs working once my low back starts firing up. When this happens it makes controlling my clutch pedal harder. This hasn't been a real issue on the road but on a trail I could see that it may be problematic.

The second option is driving the Grand and doing what wheelin we can in it. Obviously not anything crazy but after watching many videos of Grand Cherokees doing it I feel like we could still have a good time in it. This option could then be expanded buy renting a Wrangler once we are there. So we could spend a day or so doing the easier stuff and getting some Moab experience in the Grand and then rent a Wrangler for a day and do a few of the harder trails.

I found a place that rents different Wranglers that are all lifted with 35s and depending on what you want you can even get full lockers. It is not exactly cheap but I think it could actually come out cheaper. If I pull my Wrangler up and back the gas is going to be expensive in my truck. If we just drive the Grand and rent one that gas money could just go to renting one, though I have not yet done the math. Even if is was not much cheaper or even a little more it may be worth it just to avoid any headaches taking my Wrangler on a trailer.

So anybody been?
Can you still have fund if you are not in a full on rock crawler?
Any time of year the best time to go?
Any advice on what to do, or not do?

For those that may no be aware the two Jeeps I have are as follows:

04 Wrangler X, 5 speed, soft top, 4.5 lift, 33s, 4.19 gears, Adams driveshafts, and will have a winch and new D!ck Cepek Extreme Country M/T tires very soon.

19 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, auto, air ride/lift, A/T tires, will not have a winch.
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Dee and I workcamped 3 seasons at the Moab KOA. We got to take all the trips for free. Jeep Safari week is just plane awesome! Rock crawlers everywhere. Potato salad hill is a local favorite. During JSW it's like a girls gone wild event at times.

Just lots of roads and you'll have no problems getting info up there from locals and free maps. You'll regret not having the bike. Cruising through Arches is just special.

I happened to look up KOA to tell them about Dee's death but the owners had sold it. However if you drive into the KOA our sheriff we created still guards the entrance. Snap a good picture please. You'll really enjoy that area. Sooo much to see.
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