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Michelin Commander II Tires for Cruisers

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Michelin Commander II is an all-season tire for touring bikes, Harleys, and cruisers. This premium tire combines expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology for optimum enjoyment and safe riding in both dry and rainy weather. This Michelin Tire will provide you with great handling, cornering stability, and long tread wear thanks to an improved compound and tread design. Therefore, this is the perfect upgrade for your bike if you want to increase both its performance and your riding pleasure.

Selecting the right tires for your bike is one of the most important parts of preparing for the next riding season or maintenance process. Choose a set of cutting-edge motorcycle tires from Michelin Tires to elevate your riding enjoyment to a new level. They will serve you reliably for tens of thousands of miles to come and improve the appearance of your priceless investment.


• Perfect upgrade to dress up the wheels of your bike
• Just the way to enhance your riding experience
• Will safely get you to and from your adventures
• Designed to provide improved control, handling, and grip
• Engineered to perform at its best in a variety of driving conditions
• Tread design enhances the wet braking experience to ensure a safe and confident ride
• Made of specially formulated compounds to enhance durability and longevity


140/75-15 65H | 140/90-15 76H | 150/90-15 74H | 170/80-15 77H | 180/70B15 76H

130/90-16 73H | 130/90-16 73H | 140/90-16 77H | 150/80-16 77H | 180/65B16 81H | MT90-16 72H | MT90-16 74H | MU85-16 77H

100/80-17 52H | 120/90-17 64S | 130/80-17 65H | 140/75R17 67V | 140/80B17 69H | 160/70-17 73V | 200/55-17 78V

110/90B18 61H | 130/70B18 63H | 150/70B18 76H | 180/55B18 50H | 240/40-18 79V

100/90-19 57H | 110/90B19 62H | 120/70-19 60W | 130/60B19 61H

80/90-21 54H | 90/90-21 54H | 120/70B21 68H | MH90-21 54H

Go to the product page at MOTORCYCLEiD.com for more information.
To browse the full catalog of Michelin tires, use the link below:

Give our sales team a call at 888.903.4344 (Toll-Free) or 1.732.867.9995 (International) and we'll answer all your questions.
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I went back to Dunlop, the E4 , because of C2 sizing. Loved the C2 but added a little height which was counterproductive to me installing lowering link. But got great mileage from them and would recommend.
I didn't care for all of the sporadic sliding around with the E4.

Being as the tires usually only last a season, I'm willing to try what is supposed to be the next best tire to come along after some good reviews are posted. But nothing holds the road the consistency of the Avon Cobra Chromes !
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