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MBW Led Lights

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I am about to install both the front bat wing type and back wrap around LED turn signals from MBW and I am wondering if anyone has any detailed instructions and tips for installation. I am usually pretty good with this stuff butthe instructions that came with the product are terrible. I am installing them on an 08 Jackpot so I know there is no reverse wiring issue.
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Pretty easy install. Cut wires, splice possitiveand negitives.Did mine for an 09 jackpot no issue with reverse wires but I did check them with a voltmeter anyway.
Biggest thing was routing the wires. and putting in the load equalizer. (no big deal either) If you got a load equalizer, the wire diagram that came with it was way offfor mine. It had a location for the auto turn signnal cancelation modual for older victorys, not sure if yours willbe the same. Pretty easy to trace the turn signal wires from the rear lights back though. I installed the equalizer right next to the black box where thewire harness clips in (My Auto Canceling box). Only have to hook the EQ up to the rears. If they gave you the "Possi Lock" wire splices, its very easy. two possitives and a ground wire
Did the wrap around style front signals. easy as well
However, if anyone has the torque specs for thefork pinch bolts I would appreaciate it. Good luck.
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