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Hey all, I thought I would just post this up as a help/how-to for the marketplace. It's not very intuitive and seems kind of clunky to work your way around it. I hope this helps out a bit.

To access your items for sale, once logged in to theVOG, you can follow this link: www.thevog.net/Classifieds/myitems

Once there, you can edit a listing.
1. Sold - The item has sold but it will still appear in the listings
2. Re-open - The item was is reserved but the sale fell through
3. Delete - The item is no longer for sale, maybe it sold, maybe it didn't
4. Deactivate - I have no idea, but I think it shows in the listing in your items but not in the marketplace.
5. Edit - Change pricing, location, description, etc. This is only available if the item is NOT reserved or sold.
6. Reserve - You can change the status to reserve (i.e. you have a potential buyer on eBay) NOT available if already reserved or sold.

These options can be found in 2 places. Once you follow the link above on the right of each item.
Rectangle Font Software Screenshot Parallel

Font Rectangle Multimedia Electronic device Display device

Or if you click on the text of the item beside the image, it will take you to the actual listing where you can do these as well as edit the information.
Font Rectangle Display device Signage Graphics

If item is reserved or sold already:
Product Font Screenshot Material property Software

If the item is still for sale, you can Reserve or Edit:
Font Rectangle Material property Screenshot Technology

Maybe this will help you guys out and clean up the marketplace.
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