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Man, it sucks.

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Just got word that a very good friend of ours and fellow rider (Victory and all) went down yesterday evening and is comatose and in a 72 hour watch. Surgery was done to relieve pressure on the brain. He wore a helmet, I don't know the particulars. He is not a reckless rider.
But he is a young man, married and going to graduate in just a few months. He's been working very hard to get his degree. Came up the hard way working in the oil field for quite a while. Only about thirty. They sacrificed to buy a nice house and ride together at many of the gatherings we attend here. We see them often in off hour activities. We hope he will pull through, but don't know anything yet. Pray for them. Too damn young.
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Ditto to what others have expressed. Totally praying and hope there is a speedy and full recovery!
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