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MacKenzie Corp. Survey, get one?

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I received the MacKenzie corporation 2010 Cruiser Motorcycle Survey in the mail. Along with it a well used $1 dollar bill for the trouble of what appears to be 15 min to fill it out. I also have the internet option of completing it. I did a quick history search of the VOG and found no priors on this survey. Did anyone else get this? If you have knowledge of it, does it report to Cruiser Magazine?
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dnlbest said:
Got one as well, it peaks my curiosity as to which manufacturer hired the Mackenzie Corp., Hmmm...
I'm sure it's an completely independent survey!

Do the questions read something like...

Who Makes The Best Motorcycle?

A) Victory
B) Victory
C) Victory
D) All Of The Above

Which Motorcycle Are You Most Likely To Purchase Next?

A) Victory
B) Victory
C) Victory
D) Two Victory Motorcycles!

Yeah, I'm kidding!

But, does anyone want to fill us in on the questions asked on the survey?

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-Make, Year and base price
-Color, color scheme and what colors preferred on your motorcycle, conservative or wild flashy scale 1 being conservative 5 being wild flashy
-Accessories available or plan to buy for your motorcycle (an extensive list to select from)
-Amount of money spent on accessories at purchase and how much did you spend on accessories after the initial purchase, where did you purchase accessories, largest single impact on accessory purchase, what was the most helpful in making purchase
-Did you take a demo ride, how did the demo ride affect the purchase
-What type of motorcycle was your first motorcycle (tourer, cruiser sport and size)
-Type of motorcycle most recently purchased, next purchase
-33 questions with strongly agree to strongly disagree
-How likely will you recommend the brand of your most recent motorcycle purchase
-Cruiser motorcycles how familiar are you with the different brands, which brand of cruiser would you purchase again, which is your most preferred brand, which brand would you recommend to a friend, they want to know the importance of features in the purchase of a new bike (divided into sections: ergonomics/comfort, looks/styling, functionality, dealer, accessories, engine, transmission, ride/handling and other with a scale (extremely important - not important)
-how satisfied are you with your new motorcycle
-Any interest in owning a trike
-what features do you most prefer on your motorcycle: type of cooling system, final drive system, valve train, engine configuration and fuel delivery
-What items do you normally put in saddlebags or trunk
-How do you use your motorcycle with a total of 100% with options of: commuting, short rides for fun, full day rides and long touring/overnight trips
-How many miles do you ride each year
-Percentage of times you use your current motorcycle for the following: riding alone with/without a passenger, riding in groups of 2-3 riders or riding in groups of 3 or more riders
-Using most motorcycle purchase, indicate your personal preference for each of motorcycle attributes: brand-price/handling-comfort/comfort-style/brand-style/style-price/engine cc size etc..
-Then questions about occupation, employment status, ethnic background, education
-Want to know your image of the various brands

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The questions start out as basic information gathering about the bike you own:

Year purchased?
Accessories added?

Then the strongly agree/disagree questions start, covering such things as what you use your motorcycle for, what kind of biker you are, what sort of purchases you make for your bike, ...

Then the reasons you purchased your motorcycle:

Looks and Styling

Continues, and ends with some personal info gathering:

Marital status

I have not filled it out yet, and only briefly skimmed over the questions. It does not seem to be Victory based at all and I didn't see any questions about the type of oil I use either.

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I received one too and opted to fill in the answers online. It seemed that the majority of my questions had to do with the Spyder I sold earlier this year. When I have some free time, unless there are copyright restrictions, I'll see if I can post it, or at the least, some of the questions in this thread. Needless to say, I'm a bit whipped after working with the new site the past few weeks!

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well I'll be the first to say it then Andy, we appreciate your time and efforts and expenses. I received the dollar in the mail as well.
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