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Luggage Rack For '05 Vegas with Mustang Solo Seat

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Am trying to find a luggage rack for my '05 Vegas that is compatible with the Mustang solo seat and looks good as well; I've tried the Vic dealer and website, all the web aftermarket sites, seen the oneon eBay form the guy in Miami that is raised upand pushed back a bit to clear the back of the seat (but looks like a diving platform) and have yet to see one that I like. Anybody been down this road and if so, any success?

All responses greatly appreciated!
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Thanks for posting the link and the kind words Kev.
Here's a slide show that should show you guysthe Mustang specific fitment racks Imake.
Lonnie does a good job with his bolt up racks, but he has a 25# capacitylimit whereas mine, being all welded, will also carry a passenger.They are so strong that Ispecifically offer a dual density passenger pad for them that simple velcros on and off in seconds. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a short novel's worth!
The Retro

Notice the difference in our two versions here

Flame for Mustang

Tribal Spade


Passenger pags. Note they all follow the respective shape of the rack they're for, and where practical they still show design elements from the rack when on.

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