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Long or Short Exhaust Pipes

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The bassani 2-1's come in a short and long version. What does everyone think the differences in performance would be between the two? I would imagine the short one would be louder, but really I am not knowledgable enough to know the difference between a short and long set of pipes for the Bassani's or in general. I do like the looks of the longer version and would prefer the less loud option out of the two if there was one(I go to work at 5am from a dense residential neighborhood), however, the noise is my least worry, mostly I am concerned with the performance properties of either version.
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I have the short Bassani's on my '06 JP. I got passed by a guy with the longs on his KP and I don't think there was much of a difference in sound level. We rode side by side down a residential street for a couple of blocks before he powered away. They are notsuperloud until you accelerate hard. At a steady pace they are fairly quiet. Easy to have a conversation over the sound even at highway speeds. I can't speak to the difference in HP or torque between the two, though.
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