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Lloydz Timing Gear

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Yo what's up Vog Fam, I hope & pray yall are riding out there safely.
I just wanted to seek some advice from yall regarding the Lloydz Timing Wheel. If you can see from my previous posts I already have upgraded my HB with exhaust & PCV with a custom intake etc. But when I take off in 1st gear there does seem to be a little lack of response in the lower rpm until I keep pulling the throttle then it picks up that powerful momentum. I just was curious of purchasing the timing wheel, but how to adjust the degrees to help with my problem etc. Thanks for any advice:)
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Get it on the Dyno, Poseidon is correct is he assumption, the wheel brings timing in below 2500 and now the engine needs to have timing corrected from 2500 to your redline. You can go get a canned tune and it may or may not run properly but NOTHING will get your bike operating properly without a Dyno by a good operator.
Yo what's up T Bone,
I appreciate your response. What's the pinging noise you're talking about?
Also, when I was reading on thier (Lloydz) website, they mention something about the PCV's timing being possibly tuned once we get it dynoed to certain degrees already etc, so just trying to figure if my bike is already tuned to certain degress from the PCV, so when I purchase the timing wheel, they say to start b/w 2-4 degress advanced, b/c the bike might already tuned a certain degree from the PCV? Does thay make sense ?
Hey Carlosa, the reason for a new tune is when you add the timing wheel you have now added timing to the motor in the idle to 2500 range, the PCV can only provide adjustments above 2500, so if you use the +4 on the wheel as suggested you have also added +4 to the higher range which can and likely will cause pinging/detonation.
So a competent tuner using a dyno will take advantage of what the timing wheel brings to the party and get your engine running so much smoother throughout the entire RPM range, will also run cooler as the A/F is perfected to go along with very nice power gains.
When my bike went to the Dyno Nels found an imbalance of 16% between the cylinders and this on a new bike with less than 1000 miles, so do not trust a factory new bike to be correct out of the box.
Getting your bike on a Dyno will bring harmony to your engine and it will pay you back with great power and a willingness to run like you can't believe.
BTY I use to live in Poway back in the day, before there was a Poway lake.
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