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Lloydz Timing Gear

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Yo what's up Vog Fam, I hope & pray yall are riding out there safely.
I just wanted to seek some advice from yall regarding the Lloydz Timing Wheel. If you can see from my previous posts I already have upgraded my HB with exhaust & PCV with a custom intake etc. But when I take off in 1st gear there does seem to be a little lack of response in the lower rpm until I keep pulling the throttle then it picks up that powerful momentum. I just was curious of purchasing the timing wheel, but how to adjust the degrees to help with my problem etc. Thanks for any advice:)
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Here are some very helpful videos...

Tho these may not be yer bike, all timing wheels go in and adjust the same.
I had the dealer install mine (kind 'nuf to send some business their way).
Unfortunately, they didn't tell me what they set my advance % to.
Luck mate...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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