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Lloydz Programmer

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So I just installed the Lloydz programmer on my 09 Vegas 8ball. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has the 09 vegas with shotgun exhaust, with Thunder Monster baffles, and if so how you have your programmer set. Right now mine is just set to baseline and i'm still backfiring a decent amount, plus I don't feel like the pull is quite right. That said, i'm not much of a motorhead so I'm not fantastic at knowing how the thing should be set. I am, however, incredibly picky about how the bike feels, so any tiny changes I will notice in a heartbeat. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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This might help you. He lists different baseline settings depending on you're pipe & intake settings.
Hope this helps.
and if that doesnt work, just call Lloyd on Monday... He had no problem walking me through it over the phone.
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