I've got a Lloyd's VFC up for sale that I took off of my 2017 Octane. I believe the unit would be a VFC-08 based on that (good for 2008+ models). The wiring is in good shape and all the plugs are great. The case is a little rough, but still works fine. The previous owner didn't seem to pick the best place to mount this, so one of the buttons is a little smashed. I put a piece of plastic under it that seems to have fixed that, so the button works normally now. I have one of the O2 sensor resistor plugs I will include as well, but I had to scavenge the other plug to repair a harness, so you would need to find one of those. I have the tools to make another one as an option for whatever the extra cost would be to get the components (pretty much just a connector, so probably $15-20 by the time I pay shipping).

Unit worked fine as far as I'm aware, but I'm really just not a fan of the idea of piggyback tuners, especially when you can just reprogram the computer to start with. I'd be open to a deal on trading this unit for a Dynojet PV3 programmer though. That's ultimately the direction I'd like to go with my bike.

Price does not include shipping. Will likely fit in a flat rate box fine, so figure another $10-15 if you're in the US mainland.