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Lifters/rockers noisy when hot

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So I bought a 2014 cct a few months ago currently has Lloyd's cams, intake, timing wheel, power commander, and exhaust mods runs like a raped ape and I love it but I have noticed at about 2600rpm to 3500 it sounds like she is coming apart when it's hot out. Now I rode it this morning to work nice cool 45° and has the typical tick but nothing more. Anyone have any suggestions as to what could be going on? I'm lost and tired of convincing myself everytime I ride it hot that I'm going to have to rebuild lol
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I agree with the suggestions on the timing wheel. Back it off and try again.

re the T5. Is that what the bike has run for its 24k or is this a new oil? What did the PO use?

is it rocker noise or pinging? High gear low rpm loaded make it worse?
Sounds like it may be pinging and not added valvetrain noise. Was the OP in a different climate than you? Wonder if that is contributing.

Let us know what happens when you back off a couple of degrees on the wheel.
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