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2011 Cross County, added LED turn and brake plate frame, replaced stock rear turns with another set of LED's and then ran LED turns on my floor boards, so I have 3 sets of LED for the rear turn, and the stock LED turns in the front.
When I run the signals all work, but when I run the bike idle, the LED flash out and won't work anymore.

So with the help on an electrical guy, he install different value "resisters" in each of the turn signal lines.
2 for the floor boards, 2 for the rear LED and 2 for the front LED, I believe the plate frame did not require them.

My question, he added these resister directly to the turn signal wires. Can any of these effect other internal electrical issues with the bike wiring, be it, engine, cruise control, radio etc.. or am I safe that its just the lights he tapped into?
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