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Labour Day Weekend - 2010 Summer is History - Where Has Your Vicyory taken you?

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It's Official the end of summer is here, holidays are over and our children are back to school.
How was your summer?
Where did your Vic take you?
How many miles or kms did you log?
Let see some Pictures.
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Well, my "Nuclear winter" is almost over and paradise is quickly returning to Arizona to begin my riding season. During the past few months I was able to log a couple "short rides" such as............

Sonora, Mexico......

Also took a short day trip up the Salt River Canyon in Arizona to Show Low......

Then I took a mini-work vacation through Arizona, New Mexico, then onto Colorado to visit with our Fearless Leader.......

...............Then Decided to make a quick 1000 mile day trip........

......Other than that, I really didn't ride that much during my "Nuclear Winter"

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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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