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Kuryakyn "Legacy Levers" for the Indian Scout (Review)

Discussion in 'Indian Scout' started by SanJosePhil, Jul 16, 2018.

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    So a couple weeks ago I put on Kuryakyn's new "Legacy Levers" for our 2015 Scout:
    Legacy Levers for Indian Scout | Levers | Handlebar Controls, Grips & Mirrors | Kuryakyn

    As expected, the construction and finish are good. However, two issues became noticeable right away that I thought people should know about before buying:

    1. The clutch side lever has a LOT of up and down freeplay, so much so that I wondered if I'd done something wrong. I may have to retrofit something (like perhaps a custom bushing) to keep it from flopping around.
    2. The leading edge of these levers are not rounded, but have a pronounced edge. This is rather subjective in terms of feel, I know. But I really felt that ridge on the face of the lever, especially when riding without gloves. "Eh, this isn't really comfortable," I thought to myself. Heavier gloves did help somewhat, but even so I wouldn't want to have to do a lot of clutch and brake works on them during a long right through twisties. The original levers, with their smooth, rounded surface for your fingers, were more comfortable for sure.
    So while these look great, I come away very mixed as to whether to recommend them or not. I sure hope Kuryakyn revisits the design of these levers soon.

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